Наукова бібліотека

Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Terms of use

The Terms of Use of the Scientific Library

of the Vinnytsia National Pirogov Memorial Medical University


 1.The reader’s card

1.1. The user is issued a reader ’s card, which is the main document for using the library services.

1.2. The barcode on the reader’s card is considered equivalent to the user’s signature.

1.3. It is forbidden to pass the reader’s card to other people.

1.4. Losing a reader’s card does not relieve you of the responsibility for all the literature received in the reader’s name.

1.5. If the reader’s card is lost, the user receives a duplicate on a paid basis.

1.6. Electronic distribution of literature is carried out only in the presence of a reader’s card.

1.7. With the electronic issuance of documents, the user can control the content of his own electronic form in the presence of a librarian or interactively.

2. The use of library funds


2.1. Educational literature is issued for the period of study of the discipline (semester, cycle or academic year) in accordance with the curriculum of the university.

2.2. Scientific literature is issued in a quantity of up to 5 copies for up to 20 days;

2.3. Periodicals are issued for up to 5 days.

2.4. The users who do not return the literature on time are considered debtors and are deprived of the right of library use until full return of literature.

2.5. The librarian issues the book to the user only after his returning the previously taken ones, which time of usage have expired.

2.6. The librarian has the right to extend the period of use of literature at the request of the user, if it is not in demand by other users.

2.7. Upon receipt of the literature, the user agrees to carefully inspect it, and in case of any defects, notify the librarian.

2.8. The reader who used it last is responsible for the spoiled literature.

2.9. Users who have lost books from the library or caused them irreparable damage must replace them with the same or equivalent in price or make a photocopy of this publication. If such replacement is not possible, users are obliged to reimburse the cost of lost or damaged literature in 10 times the amount.

2.10. A book without a barcode or with a damaged barcode is considered lost.

2.11. The cost of books is determined by the prices specified in the accounting documents of the library, taking into account the further indexation of their value.

2.12. In case of non-return of books to the Scientific Library after their expiration, the librarian reminds readers orally (by phone) or through social networks. If the reader ignores the library’s reminders, it informs the deans for administrative purposes.


3. Rights and responsibilities of users.


3.1. The user must know and follow the Terms of Use of the Scientific Library.

3.2. The user can issue the literature temporarily for free.

3.3. The user must return the literature on time.

3.4. The user can use all the services provided by the Scientific Library.

3.5. The user can use the computers, installed in the library for readers.

3.6. The user must take care of the library fund and its property.

3.7. The user can participate in the reading conferences, literary and musical evenings, debates and other events held by the library.

3.8. After graduating from university, to obtain a diploma the user needs to return all the issued literature in the library and sign the abandon letter.

3.9. For the violation of the library rules, the user may be deprived of the right to use the library for a period determined by the library administration.


4.Responsibilities of the Scientific Library


4.1. To form the funds according to the needs of educational, methodical, research and cultural work of the university.

4.2. Provide the users with an access to international and ukrainian databases.

4.3. Study the information needs of users. Conduct sociological research of users’ interests in order to optimally satisfy them.

4.4. Organize effective customer service, create comfortable conditions for work on the lending departments and in reading rooms.

4.5. Organize book exhibitions, information days, department days, conferences, literary and musical evenings, debates and other library events.

4.6. Share the knowledge of the basics of information culture, conduct individual conversations, consultations, etc.

4.7. Provide information to users about library services on the site, in social networks.

4.8. Adhere to the customer service mode.

4.9. Ensure compliance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”.