Наукова бібліотека

Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Baveja, C. P. Complete Microbiology for MBBS (Including Clinical Case Presentations and MCQs) / C. P. Baveja, V. Baveja. — 7th ed. — New Delhi : Avichal, 2021. — 926 p.

This book has many student-friendly features, some of which includes: The language is easy to understand. Preview and 'Specific Learning Objectives' have been included at the beginning of each chapter. A comprehensive description of each clinical infective syndrome has been included in a specific chapter. Parasitology has been incorporated to make it a complete textbook for undergraduates. Separate chapters on Ethics, Confidentiality and National Health Programmes have been incorporated. Details of COVID-19 have been included to understand the most catastrophic diseases in the world. Clinical case presentations in various chapters have been added to help students for an integrated learning approach. Clinical Significance emphasises the role of microbiology in patient care. A chapter on 'Essentials of Microbiology at Glance' has been added which helps students recapitualte the important aspects of Microbiology in no time.