Наукова бібліотека

Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Current Diagnosis & Treatment Pediatrics / eds. W. W. William W. Hay [et al.]. — 24th ed. — New York [etc.] : McGraw-Hill Education (Lange), 2018. — XXXI, 1488 p.

A concise, yet comprehensive source of current information on the medical problems of children - from birth through adolescence. A practical, up-to-date well-referenced guide to the diagnosis and treatment of the most commonly seen medical conditions in children. 46 chapters cover a wide range of topics, including neonatal medicine, child development and behavior, emergency and critical care medicine, and diagnosis and treatment of specific disorders according to major problems, etiologies, and organ systems. A wealth of tables and figures provide quick access to important information, such as acute and critical care procedures in the delivery room, the office, the emergency room, and the critical care unit; anti-infective agents, drug dosages, immunization schedules, differential diagnoses, and developmental disorders.