Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Donovan Edward W. Essentials of Pathophysiology [Text] / E. W. Donovan. — New York : Macmillan Publishing Company, 1985. — 365 p. : il.

This textbook is based on courses that I have developed for numerous educational and health care centers. With modifications in course content to accommodate differing levels of educational background, these courses, seminars, workshops, and lecture series have been presented to undergraduates and to licensed professionals in the fields of nursing and allied health. Essentials of Pathophysiology is designed to serve the dual functions of (1) providing an introduction to the undergraduate and (2) furnishing a review of basic material for the professional

I have based the writing of this book on the experience gained from nearly a decade of teaching the courses. Its conceptual framework is simple in that it seeks to categorize some of the states of aberrant physiology into types of malfunctions and maladaptations that arise within the human organ systems. Thus pathophysiology is presented as abnormal physiology. Whenever possible, the underlying bases of these aberrations in function are further presented in terms of their chemistry and physics. The entire approach is a mechanistic one, and it is hoped that such an approach will reduce the need for memorization of states of illness by demonstrating to the student where such states “fit” into the normal physiologic pathways. It is also hoped that this approach will further the concept of the wellness-illness continuum and holistic clinical practice

Although broad in its inclusion of organ systems, the text avoids the cataloging of large numbers of pathophysiologic states while concentrating on the major entities. The illustrations are original, with one exception, many of them having been generated on site in lectures to help clarify problem areas. As teaching devices, they have proven their value on many occasions. As with the content of the chapters, the illustrations have been evaluated by a large number of students.