Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine / ed. T. R. Harrison [et al.]. — 19th. ed. — New York [etc.] : McGraw-Hill. — 2015. — ISBN 0-07-180213-4 Vol. 1 / ed. : D. L. Kasper [et al.]. — 2015. — XXXVIII, 465, I-200 p. (Continuing pagination)

The landmark guide to internal medicine-updated and streamlined for today’s students and clinicians. All eChapters in the Nineteenth Edition are accessible online as well as on the DVD packaged within the print volumes, so you have the flexibility of using the method of access most convenient to you.

The first volume is more a general review of medicine covering the basics, as well as the symptoms and signs. It will be of great use to medical students and postgraduates, who will find in this book an excellent review of basic clinical skills, knowledge and understanding.

The text reads well, is clear, accessible, clinically focused and seemingly comprehensive. It is an ideal reference source and a superb general medical resource.