Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine / ed. T. R. Harrison [et al.]. — 19th. ed. — New York [etc.] : McGraw-Hill. — 2015. — ISBN 0-07-180213-4 Vol. 2 / ed. : D. L. Kasper [et al.]. — 2015. — XXXVIII, 467-2770, I-200 p.

Through six decades, no resource has matched the authority, esteemed scholarship, and scientific rigor of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. Capturing the countless advances and developments across the full span of medicine, the new 19th edition of Harrison’s provides a complete update of essential content related to disease pathogenesis, clinical trials, current diagnostic methods and imaging approaches, evidence-based practice guidelines, and established and newly approved treatment methods. Volume 2 is much bigger and covers diseases in the standard and usual format. It is a clever and I think useful distinction which will allow a user to gain more from this impressive resource.