Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. Vol. 2. / J. Larry Jameson [et al.]. — 20th. ed. — New York [etc.] : McGraw-Hill, 2018. — XLI, 1648-3528, 1-214 p.

This edition of Harrison is consisting of two volumes. It covers all the modern medical techniques and helps to build better decision making relatable images are there along with the content. It helps to remember and retain all the information by which a reader has gone through. Harrison is written by the pioneers of the medical field. They tried to gather all the latest topics, problems, diseases and their solutions in the book so this book is a must buy if you are a medical student or practitioner for flourishing your carrier. The consistency of writing will build an urge to read and learn the entire content. If we say that the Harrison 20th edition is worth paying so it won’t be wrong. Definitive yet clear answers are provided of each question and real-life cases are also the part of the content for the better explanation. Some new chapters are there which focuses on the well-being of the humans such as: promoting good health, differences of healthcare facilities in developed and non-developed countries etc.