Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Infectious diseases [Text] : textbook / O. A. Holubovska [et al.] ; ed. O. A. Holubovska. — Kyiv : Medicine, 2018. — 664 p. : il. — Approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (letter № 1/11-8095, 28 May 2012). Approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (the letter № 23-01-8/130, 15 June 2012). — Bibliogr.: p. 655-660. — Index: p. 661-662. — ISBN 978-617-505-727-8

Up-to-date notions of the most widespread infectious and parasitic diseases are stated in the textbook. A particular attention is paid to diseases that occur on the territory of Ukraine, diseases that represent a significant global danger and are regulated by International Health Regulations, infectious and parasitic diseases that can be imported to the territory of our country and represent a problem of travel medicine and tropical medicine. General problems of infectology, principles of classification of infectious diseases, diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis, including immunoprophylaxis are elucidated. In preparation of the textbook, modem materials and WHO recommendations, foreign publications of leading specialists were used. Classification of infectious and parasitic diseases is given in accordance with International Classification of Diseases of 10th review. Methods of diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis are stated on the base of international guidelines and consensus. Presented material is well adapted to the content of modules of approved typical programs on the course unit of “Infectious diseases” for prediploma training of specialists on specialities “Medical care”, “Pediatrics”, “Medical preventive care”, “Stomatology”, “Medical psychology”. All sections of the textbook contain main provisions, questions and tests for self-training according to the principles of the up-to-date educational trend — a credit-transfer system of organization of the educational process. A book is supplied with coloured illustrations of the most widespread infectious diseases. The majority of anatomical terms are given according to International Anatomic Nomenclature approved by IV Congress of anatomists, histologists, embryologists and topographic anatomists of Ukraine. For students of higher medical (pharmaceutical) educational establishments, internship doctors and trainees of faculties of postgraduate education, as well as family doctors, specialists of emergency medicine, infectious disease specialists.