Наукова бібліотека

Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Kote Neelkanth. Practical Manual of Histology for Medical Students / N. Kote. — 2nd ed. — New Delhi : The Health Sciences Publishers, 2014. — 162 p. : il.

Practical manual of histology for medical student is a concise book designed exclusively keeping undergraduates and their university examination in mind. It is an attempt to make histology as easy, palatable as possible for medical students. This book has most of the aspects of practical histology which an undergraduate medical student requires to have. However, this book is not written to replace any other standard books of histology. For the better understanding of the students the entire book is divided in to three sections. Section one contains the color atlas and list of all the examination slides with three identifications for each slide, a brief note on history of histology, general instructions to the medical students regarding their code and conduct in histology practical laboratory and study of compound microscope. Section two contains general histology which involves the study of basic forms of tissues like epithelial tissue, connective tissue, specialized connective tissue, muscular tissue and nervous tissue. A special care is taken to deal these chapters in depth for better understanding of systemic histology. Lymphoid system, circulatory system and integumentary system are also covered in the same section. Section three contains study of histology of different systems for the complete understanding of the histology of the human body. It includes study of histology of digestive system, renal system, respiratory system, endocrine system, reproductive system, central nervous system and organ of special sense (the eye). This book also contains the clinical histology part which gives clinical correlation of histology to the students and makes the subject more interesting. A very good quality real (photographic) as well as handmade diagrams are provided for better understanding of the subject. At the end of every chapter list of important questions provided which will help the students in preparing for theory as well as discussions in practical examination. In general Practical Manual of Histology for medical students is a student-friendly book which will help the medical students in performing well for both theory and practical examinations with confidence.