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Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Marwah Deepak. FMGE Solutions for MCI Screening Examibation / D. Marwah, S. Ahmad. — 5th ed., fully colored. — New Delhi : CBS Publishers & Distributors, 2020. — 1380 p. : il.

This book contains questions based on topics asked in previous years' MCI Screening Exams. Often repeated topics and sub-topics have been included for students' benefit. We do not claim that these questions are exact or similar to the questions asked in MCI Exams. If any such similarity is found, it is purely coinicidental and by chance

We convey our sincere regards and thanks to all our readers for the huge response to the previous edition of FMGE Solutions and also for making it the best book for FMGE aspirants. In order to improvise further we are coming up with the fifth edition of the book. Here once again we are providing you the best text for your preparation in most updated form possible, keeping in mind the structure and level of examination at present. Medical Council of India (MCI) screening examination has always been a tough nut to crack because the examination pattern is very unpredictable ranging from single one liner to long case-based questions. Keeping that in mind we have added multiple additional image-based questions as per the recent pattern and another separate section for clinical-pattern questions. Your preparation level should start from the basics and then gradually it should reach the maximum height. The preparation should be started from the very beginning and with perseverance, and thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent.