Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Matthews, Philip. Advanced chemistry [Текст] / P. Matthews. — Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2003. — 976 p. : il. — Appendix: p. 913-921; Bibliogr.: p. 921-922; Index: p. 958-976. — ISBN 81-7596-156-2

Advanced chemistry is an accessible, up-to-date textbook which has been written to appeal directly to А-level chemistry students. It covers the syllabuses of all the main examining boards offering A-level chemistry, and contains material suitable for students beginning undergraduate study. The author places the subject in context by discussing the nature and, where relevant, the economics of the chemical industry and the wider implications and applications of chemistry. The material is divided into four parts: physical, industrial, inorganic and organic chemistry. Each part is divided into short self-contained units, each of which develops a set of well-defined themes or concepts. Students may work through the units in order, or individual units may be used separately. Each unit is divided into sections, with short questions at the end of each section which may be used by students as a means of self-assessment. More extensive questions on the physical and industrial chemistry sections are given at the end of the book. These may be used to provide material for student assignments, and to provide students with practice in answering examination questions. This book is in copyright. Subject to Statutory exception and to the provision of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press