Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Mykhailychenko B. V. Forensic medicine : textbook for students of higher medical education establishments-medical universities, institutes and academies / B. V. Mykhailychenko, A. M. Biliakov, I. G. Savka. – 2nd ed. — Kyiv : AUS Medicine Publishіng, 2019. — 224 p.

The textbook briefly highlights both the history of forensic medicine and organization and arbitration principles of forensic medical examination. Forensic and medical thanatology issues as well as diagnostics of various environmental injuries and health conditions are scrutinized in view of current scientific advancements. The data on lager radiation injuries and information on biological factor influence on the human body are introduced. Peculiarities of examining the injured and accused parties and other persons are described according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Current possibilities of forensic medical examination of material evidence are considered. Legal aspects of health care provision and legal responsibilities of physicians as health care providers for malpractice are provided according to the Criminal Code of Ukraine. All the chapters end with a list of questions for self-control. For students of higher medical educational establishments, as well as for internship doctors and beginners at forensic medical expert examination.