Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Obstetrics and Gynecology [Text] : textbook for students of higher medical education establishments : in 2 vol. / V. I. Gryshchenko [et al.] ; ed.: V. I. Gryshchenko, M . O. Shcherbina. — Kyiv : Medicine, 2018. Vol. 1 : Obstetrics. — 2018. — 392 p. — Allowed by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine ; Published in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 502 of 22 June 2010.

Under current conditions in the sphere of improvement of the quality of student training at higher medical education institutions and deepening of their knowledge in the field of obstetrics it becomes absolutely necessary to publish textbooks, which cover the issues of obstetrics and correspond to current education programs. The textbook has been created according to the new obstetrics curriculum and in accordance with the Bologna process requirements. The book describes the latest achievements of Ukrainian and world obstetric science, deals with physiological aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, major factors of etiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases during pregnancy, labor and postpartum period. Fundamentals of obstetric care in Ukraine are presented considering orders of the MPH of Ukraine, clinical protocols, standards of medical education. For students of higher medical education institutions of the 3rd–4th levels of accreditation.