Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Principles of internal medicine (cardiology, rheumatology, nephrology) [Text] : study guide for 5th course students / S. I. Smiyan [та ін.] ; ed. S. I. Smiyan = Основи внутрішньої медицини (кардіологія, ревматологія, нефрологія) : посібник для студентів 5-го курсу / Ред. С. І. Сміян. — 2nd ed. revised and enlarqed. — Ternopil : Ukrmedknyha, 2016. — 398 p.

The study guide is issued with a view to teach technical approach, diagnostic fundamentals, which are based on thorough knowledge of pathogenesis and diagnostic criteria of cardiological, rheumatologi с a! and nephrological diseases, using modem achievements in internal medicine. When studying the subject readers can check the knowledge gained by means of this study guide by themselves by passing the test; at the end of each chapter. The study guide broadens the awareness and skills of the students in diagnostics and treatment of cardiological, rheumatological and nephrological diseases.