Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Short course of pathomorphology [Text] : textbook for students in higher medical institutions of IV level accreditation / Ya. Bodnar [et al.]. — Ternopil : Ukrmedknyha, 2018. — 526 p.

This textbook was written in conformance with new training program in pathological morphology for higher educational establishments of Ukraine TV level Accreditation on the specialty 7.110101"Medical business” and 7.110106 “Stomatology” Direction of preparation 1101 “MEDICINE”, as well as educational-qualification characteristics and educational-professional programs training of specialists, approved by Order of MPH of Ukraine at 31/05/2011. The material of the book was worked out based on European credit-transfer system principles. Textbook is structured by modules. Its first part covers one module- general pathologic processes and tumors growth. Notional modules include theoretical knowledge base, self-control system and artwork of pathologic processes macroscopic and microscopic manifestations, guiding student to reach specific objects in creative way. The aim of the book is clearly and easily assist student to acquire habits of synthetic generalization of pathologic processes demonstration and their interpretation in cause-effect correlations. The book is intended for English medium medical Students.