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Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Tripathi K. D. Еssentials of Medical Pharmacology / K. D. Tripathi . — 7th ed. — New Delhi : Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, 2013. — 1002 p. : il.

In the 28 years of its existence, the Essentials of Medical Pharmacology is appearing as the 7th edition. Commensurate with tremendous transformation of pharmacology and clinical medicine in this period, the book has undergone successive changes to reflect the current status of pharmacological knowledge and therapeutic practices. Selection of the subject content of this edition places due emphasis on the understanding gained in mechanism of action of drugs, as well as on evidence based medicine. It abundantly quotes current guidelines issued by WHO and other eminent professional bodies as well as by Indian National Health Programmes to authenticate therapeutic recommendations. Medical pharmacology is a unique synthesis of basic pharmacology with clinical pharmacology andpharmacotherapeutics.  The  subject  is  highly  dynamic.  Developments  are  occurring  both  in  definingmolecular targets for drug action and finding targeted drugs, as well as in accruing credible evidenceregarding  the  impact  of  different  treatment  modalities  on  therapeutic  outcomes.  These  efforts  havebegun  to  crystallize  into  evidence  based  medicine  and  clear  cut  therapeutic  guidelines.  The  presentedition  endeavours  to  amalgamate  the  developments  with  the  core  content  of  the  subject.