Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Kovalsky O. Radiology. Radiotherapy. Diagnostic Imaging [Текст] : textbook for students of higher med. education establishments of IVth accreditation level / O. Kovalsky, D. Mechev, V. Danylevych. — 2nd ed. — Vinnytsia : Nova Knyha, 2017. — 504 p. : il. — Рек. МОЗ України (протокол № 3 від 16.10.2012 р.).

The textbook for students of higher medical educational establishments was created in accordance with the program for the discipline “Radiology” (Kyiv, 2006) and complies with the principles of the European credit-modular system for the high- quality training of doctors. In the textbook we have presented the most recent achievements of Medical Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging techniques and its principles, diagnostic imaging of internal organs diseases, diagnostic algorithms in the study of organs and systems, questions for self-control and case studies. For the convenience of students the basis and current level of radiation therapy are presented in one publication. For students of higher medical educational establishments of IVth accreditation level, intems-radiologists and physicians of other specialties.