Вінницького національного медичного університету ім. М. І. Пирогова

Physiology [Text] : textbook / V. M. Moroz [et al.] ; ed.: V. M. Moroz, O. A. Shandra. — 3rd ed. — Vinnytsia : Nova Knyha, 2018. — 728 p. — Rec. by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (report # 2, 26.10.2011).

 “Physiology” is a textbook on Human Physiology, written in English for best understanding of physiology by English-speaking students, contains basic educational materials according to the Physiology Course Program. The edition contains information about all parts of discipline paying attention to basic requirements of the credit module system of teaching in relation to improvement of student self-study. Together with basic mechanisms of organs and organ systems functioning, principles of organism neuro-humoral regulation in normal conditions, adaptative-compensatory mechanisms in stressed conditions or other factors, initial data about functioning failure of each organ are given in the textbook. Clear, detailed content of each chapter with selection of major details on every theme, understandable definition of main data, definitions and classifications with additional graphical material allow students to easily find out the main aspects of each theme. The textbook can also be useful to teachers working in educational medical institutions with English-speaking students.